YOPTION$ Launching New X-Hedge Portal At Cannes, Genoa & Monaco Yacht Shows

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

YOPTION$ will be launching the world's first currency hedging portal dedicated to the yachting industry during the forthcoming European boat shows including Cannes, Genoa and Monaco.

The X-Hedge portal enables any company in the yachting industry, including yacht manufacturers and dealers, to manage and mitigate their currency exposure in one simple portal without the need to call the bank or a broker.

The portal also enables manufacturers and dealers to sell boats in the customers currency thereby mitigating exchange rate risk for the customer whilst the boat is being manufactured,

Users can arrange spot trades and forward contracts at the touch of a button and manage all their currency portfolios (including hundreds of different currencies) all in one portal.

For more details of X-Hedge and to download a brochure, click here.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration or a quick meeting, contact us here

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